Vic Vega
Name: Victor Vega
Status: Deceased
Date of death: 1992
Cause of death: Shot By Mr. Orange
Nationality: Americain
Alias(es): Mr. Blonde
Affiliation: Reservoir Dogs, Joe Cabot
Profession: Profressional Thief
Sibling(s): Vincent Vega
Played by: Michael Madsen
Appearances: 1 film
Film: Reservoir Dogs
First film: Reservoir Dogs
Last film: Reservoir Dogs
Appears in: 1 film

Victor Vega (– 1992) often known as Vic, or Mr. Blonde, was a professional thief who pulled off a number of jobs with various associates including Joe Cabot. After working a job with five other guys, all under aliases of different colors, the crew discovered that they was an undercover Police officer within their group.

The group went back and forth discussing the events of the job and who could possibly be the rat, but no certainty could be established. Eventually, Vega was left to watch over Mr. Orange and a cop named Marvin Nash while Mr. White, Mr. Pink and Nice Guy Eddie ditched vehicles that were crowding the outside of their hideout.

After a brutal interrogation and torture of Nash, Mr. Orange shot and killed Vega, having secretly been a Police officer the entire time. After Eddie, White and Pink returned, Eddie shot Nash, killing him. Joe Cabot eventually arrived and revealed his suspicion of Orange being a cop. The ensuing events led to the Orange being shot, Pink possibly being arrested and White engaging Police officers in a firefight.

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