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John Ruth
John Ruth.jpg
Status: Deceased
Role: The hangman
Age: 64
Date of birth: 1813
Birthplace: America
Date of death: 1877
Cause of death: Poisonings and gunshot
Nationality: Flag of the United States.png American
Alias(es): The Hangman
Played by: Kurt Russell
Appearances: 1 film
Films: The Hateful Eight
First film: The Hateful Eight
Last film: The Hateful Eight
Appears in: 1 film

John "The Hangman" Ruth was The Hangman.


Overview... post-Civil War bounty hunter. He’s a real nasty guy known as "The Hangman". Why? Because he hangs all the criminals he takes to Red Rock. Right now he's got one named Daisy Domergue; she’s got just as filthy a mouth as him and she’s twice as cruel. But when a blizzard hits, the two are forced to spend the night in Minnie's Haberdashery, a resting place for cowboys, criminals, and maybe a couple of Daisy's compadres.

Personality... ruthless, merciless, and brutal. He chains himself to Daisy to make sure she doesn't get away – but also to keep her close enough to hit. He's a bad guy in a dirty field in a wild time in American history. Criminals fear him and civilians want to stay far away too. "No one said this job's supposed to be easy", he says of bounty hunting. And with Daisy on his stagecoach, “easy” is not even close to the reality.

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