Clarence Worley is the main character in the 1993 film True Romance, written by Quentin Tarantino. According to Tarantino, Clarence is based on himself.

While attending a screening of the "Street Fighter" trilogy at the cinema on his birthday, Clarence met Alabama Whitman who was revealed to be a call-girl hired by his boss as a birthday present. The two fell in love and married. After confronting Alabama's pimp, Drexl Spivey, Clarence and the latter engaged in a brawl which ended with Clarence killing and stealing from Drexl. The stolen suitcase turned out to have contained cocaine Drexl had intended for Irish mobster, Blue Lou Boyle. Clarence and Alabama decide to leave for L.A. to sell the cocaine. The pair receive help from Clarence's father Clifford, who is later killed by Vincent Coccotti, who works for Boyle. As the pair arrive in L.A. and meet with Clarence's childhood friend, Dick Ritchie, an aspiring actor, the pair are unknowingly being hunted by Blue Lou Boyle's men. One of which, Virgil, stops by the pair's motel room while Clarence is out and beats Alabama while questioning her for the whereabouts of the cocaine. After discovering the coke under the bed, Alabama fights back and murders Vigil just before Clarence arrives, who flees the motel who her in his purple Cadillac. With the help of Elliot Blitzer, an actor Dick, Clarence and Alabama manage to sell the coke to film director Lee Donowitz after visiting his apartment. Unknowingly, Elliott wearing a wire and is working with the police who burst into the apartment, followed by Boyle's men. This leads to a huge gunfight between the cops, Donowitz's bodyguards and the mobsters, everyone is killed except for Dick, Alabama and Clarence. Clarence is left blind in his left eye after being shot by one the cops. Him and Alabama take Donowitz's money intended for them and move to Cancun where they raise a son named after Clarence's idol, Elvis.

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